After one to big date, Urahara formally produced himself towards the twelfth Department

Immediately following efficiently passing their examination, which was monitored because of the Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto, Retsu Unohana and you will Ginrei Kuchiki, [12] the guy became this new master of the 12th Section [13] and you can gathered Hikifune’s lieutenant, Hiyori Sarugaki, as his very own. The guy found certain opposition away from Hiyori, whom, refusing to accept him, quoted their displeasure which have Head Hikifune’s abrupt departure along with his condition given that a former second Office affiliate. Urahara, laughing it off, shared with her he’d become generated the new master of the 12th Section, which he’d decided it was the fresh new character he would play after that. He had been no further a person in the next Office, and if she had problematic, it actually was hers to alter. Hiyori went on in order to stop him inside the twat, and therefore don’t apply at him anyway. [14] The second nights, Master Shinji Hirako, approached Urahara, informing your as to the reasons Hiyori try giving him issues, right after which provided your advice on how-to most readily useful begin becoming a chief. He stated he might give Urahara was not the kind whom do what other individuals make sure he understands. Shinji told me which he felt Urahara is a form same as your, very he just need to interfere inside the own business. [15]

Within a department meeting, Urahara explained he got made a decision to change the plan away from brand new twelfth Division, but had but really to determine what thing to do the guy believe might possibly be a good role in their mind. Hiyori, becoming more and more mad through to hearing he was however considering it, assaulted your. But not, the guy anticipate her going to him so as not to embarrass this lady prior to the other department members. [16] The following morning, Hiyori, coming to the fresh captain’s chamber, became furious within just how Urahara got altered the area from its previous state. As he attempted to calm her down, Hiyori attacked your once again. Brushing it away, the guy expected the woman to supplement him into Nest out-of Maggots. [17]

Hiyori tried to stop him on face, however, Urahara presented the lady he might avert the latest attack

On the way to the new Colony off Maggots, Urahara told this lady concerning Detention Unit, what takes place to people below the jurisdiction, while the reason for the brand new Colony away from Maggots. Inside the facility, Urahara shared with her people detained within couldn’t exit, but which they remained 100 % free in business. The guy cautioned the woman to be cautious, because inmates could become unlawful. Urahara told me that though the members of brand new business have been possibly dangerous, he previously usually believed, given the right retailer, they may channel the electricity to your anything more successful. When among prisoners tried to attack Hiyori, Urahara stopped your exposed-given, noting one to firearms just weren’t allowed into the business. [18] So it encouraged others prisoners to help you attack, however, Urahara without difficulty got away most of the his burglars. [19] Afterwards, the pair went along to the cell of Mayuri Kurotsuchi, who Urahara questioned in the event that the guy planned to log off the latest Colony out-of Maggots to join him on the 12th Division. [20] Urahara said you to definitely within his capacity since the head of the 12th Department, he previously we Search and you may Advancement Institute, in which he wished your to get the Vice-President. [21]

She challenged him to help you a fight, that he acknowledged on standing which they strive unarmed

Nine years later, Urahara are told by Shinji and you will Lieutenant Sosuke Aizen regarding a great selection of unusual disappearances that had occurred inside Rukongai, which brand new 9th Division is exploring. [22] Urahara later attempt making a unique variety of Gigai so you can balance out the fresh new disappearing souls. When explaining so it in order to Hiyori, these people were interrupted because of the coming of Todo Izaemon, exactly who relayed Chief Kensei Muguruma’s needs one a researcher getting sent into the study site. Urahara certain a reluctant Hiyori to manage the work. [23] After you to nights, when he hears that Reiatsu of one’s studies cluster got vanished, Urahara, hurrying for the lab, asked a specialist where Hiyori is. When she told you Hiyori had currently left, he rushed straight back out and you will arrived later on a crisis captains appointment. Dreading on her safeguards, Urahara requested to consult with the site themselves, however, are denied because of the Captain-Leader Yamamoto. [24] Urahara after went anyway, using an alternate brand of Reiatsu-covering up cloak to full cover up themselves. Urahara is watched by the Tessai Tsukabishi, whom registered him about research. [25]